Cím: 9919 Csákánydoroszló,
Fő utca 39.


Mayor's Office

H-9919 Csákánydoroszló, Fő u. 39.

Phone: 0036 94 542 002  Fax: 0036 94 542 003  Mobile: 0036 30 650 04 47

e-mail: csakanydoroszlo@csakanydoroszlo.hu


Geographical location of the village: N 46°58' - E 16°30'

Csákánydoroszló is a village in the Körmend District of Vas County, Hungary, at the country's western border. The village is located along Main Road No. 8, at a distance of 18 km from Szentgotthárd (border town to Austria), and 10 km from Körmend, in the Rába river valley, at the northern gate of Őrség National Park. Our railway station is located on the rail route between Szombathely and Szentgotthárd.

Neighboring towns and villages:

Town of Körmend, Felsőmarác, Ivánc, Kemestaródfa, Gasztony, Hegyhátszentmárton, Halogy, as well as villages in the territory of Austria (Hagensdorf im Burgenland and Luising).

Briefly about our village:

The village of Csákánydoroszló was established in 1939 by merging Nagycsákány (a market town) and Rábadoroszló (an Árpád-era village). Historical records about Csákány date back to 1248, and about Doroszló to 1471. In modern times, the history of the village became intertwined with that of the aristocratic branch of the Batthyány family. Csákány was a target for Turkish invaders, so the family castle located here was rebuilt into a strong fortress. When the war ended, the fortress was converted into a baroque castle surrounded by a spacious park. The Roman Catholic Church of Saint John of Nepomuk was built in its present form with a remarkably beautiful interior at this time, in 1765.

The area situated along the Rába river is a conservation area which is richly blessed with a scenic beauty and forms part of Őrség National Park.

The village is inhabited by 1800 people. The village is well equipped with public infrastructure. In almost every house, locals have access to drinking water and sewerage, mains gas, telephone, broadband Internet, ATM and cable TV. The village has an 8-grade elementary school, kindergarten and community center. The village has about 120 active businesses (gas station, bakery, car mechanics, commercial and catering establishments, building contractors and other service providers) to serve the local community and visitors. The village also has a doctor's office, and our health center houses a dentist's office, maternal and child health nursing service and a pharmacy. Our largest employer is the Home for the Mentally Disabled, which employs local and nearby residents.

Investment opportunities:

The village wishes to boost tourism, and provides an investment opportunity for investors on municipal property (on an undivided 7.5 hectare area next to the castle park, where, according to expert opinion, thermal water exploration is possible). Along the riverside, outside municipal areas, we welcome investments in water-related tourism.

The board of representatives supports all investments which are based on the mutual satisfaction of the village and the investors, with particular regard to the creation of jobs.


Leisure-time activities:

The scenic beauty of the Rába river offers visitors a pleasant stay. Camping sites and boat docks (accessible by car, driving towards Őrség, next to the Rába bridge).

Bowling opportunity in Gyöngygolyó Bowling Café.

Fishing opportunity on the lakes of local hunting societies. The Hunting Association organizes hunting for domestic and foreign hunters.

Water sports are very popular on the Rába river. The rest site at Csákánydoroszló is nationally known and popular among water tourists.


Catering and accommodation

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Our associations offer a variety of programs throughout the year

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